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BareBones Fantasy: The Iron Maidens of Moordoth

Today my wife, Robin, and I started–and completed!– the “Maidens of Moordoth,” a beginning adventure for the BareBones Fantasy RPG by DWD Studios. ¬†We started shortly after Noon and wrapped up just at 4 PM. I knew she was having a good time when I offered to stop the game at two hours, but Robin was eager to see what would happen and to learn the terrible secrets alluded to at the outset of the adventure.

She was very quick to pick-up the rules. Robin is a veteran of D&D 3.5 and 4.0, not to mention forays into old school Traveller, Shadowrun, and a host of other RPGs, so I figured BBF would be easy enough. She loves the rules to BBF and said of them, “They are straightforward and logical, without the fiddliness that dragged the other games out.”

She really enjoyed the combat, too. I had sorted out old D&D minis to utilize during battles. We figured MOV with a tape measure, as well as ranges for missile weapons and spells. Combat was quick and decisive, with little room for error. Interestingly, three rank-1 characters held their own, although one of her mains’ came within a few BP of unconsciousness during the battle in the Treasury Room.

A wonderful experience all-around! I look forward to GMing further adventures in the kingdoms of Keranak with the Iron Maidens of Moordoth.